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We are not in the business selling websites, we are in the web design business selling ideas.

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Corporate Web Design

Corporate Web Design

We are web designer in Malaysia and serve clients through out the nation. Customer satisfaction is our priority.



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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

We always keep an eye on your website. Website maintenance is important to retain you visitor and more importantly keep…

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5 Web Design Mistakes Business Make
With the advent of Internet, now every business needs a website. A good website is not just develop it with nice and neat looking, but it deliver the message to the audience. As a professional web design company, we learned that there are 5 web design mistakes business make.


1. Do Not Understand Market

Many clients require us to do web design according to their own taste. The ultimate goal of the website is to reach their audience. You must   discuss and find out what attract the audience and what to maintain in the website to keep visitors come back to the websites.




2. Lack Of Call To Action

Though your website layout is clean and looks nice, but what's the point if visitor just read and leave? You must put a button in eye catching   place with text "Call Now", or "Register", or "Buy Now" and etc. This is important to motivate the visitor to take action, a good website connects the visitors to next page where they want to go.




3. Loading The Websites Too Heavy

Remember the simplest and easier to load website is much better than a flashy one. Why burden your website with too much flashy things? If visitors cannot find information,





4. Not Social Friendly

Do not build your website like an island. Make sure it is connected to social website like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc. Your website can get more traffic from social websites. Leverage the power of the network built in those social website. If your website built friendly with social website, then it is friendly with the network, and your website will grow faster.



5. Outdated Content

Not matter how good looking your website is, content is king. Constantly and often update your website not only attract your visitors, it is also help Google ranks it higher. You can hire copywriter to develop the content, make the menu structure relevant, or even a blog section.



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